Meerkat Monday

Hi all…I hope you all had a great weekend like I did.

Today’s image I have chosen to be one of my favourite animals to photograph. The Meerkat! This is definitely also one of the Kalahari’s most iconic animals that people come to see from all parts of the globe. Thanks to that show by the BBC, “Meerkat Manor”, these cute little guys have developed a name for themselves and become really popular. People get won-over by their constant dedication to the protection of their families and their vigilance with watching for danger. They are great characters and are fun to watch.

That’s all from me today so please let me know what you think and if you have some stories of these cute critters then please share them with me.

Until tomorrow…Bye from the Kalahari.

9 thoughts on “Meerkat Monday

  1. Great image Hannes, was this little fellow looking at a plane or a bird? When are you back home so I can have you autograph your magnificent book? Would you mind signing it for me?

    Best regards

    Christo Crous

  2. They are adorable little animals and so wish that I can see them in the wild. I’ve travelled extensively in south and east Africa, but never saw a meetkat in his natural habitat. Think it would be amazing watching them for hours.

    Love the blog, great idea.

  3. Hi Hannes,

    Ek hou van jou nuwe blog….”opset”
    Diie foto van die meerkat is fantasties, die meerkat se vermaak vermoe is beslis besonders.

    Dit laat my baie verlang na die Kalahari – wereld!

    Mooi loop


  4. hi pellie let you know you look great in th new cabby,,,and that smile !!! AT LAST.
    I purchased 4 books last week…lekker ry see you in March.


  5. Awesome photo and unusual pose, normally we see them on the ground. keep up being an aspiration to us amateur photographers ,Hannes.

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