Eye Contact

Hi all…don’t you find that there s nothing more menacing than a powerful lioness staring straight at you in your eyes?! In this picture I have for you today, she is definitely one of these. You can see the power in her muscles on her legs, shoulders and back just waiting to be unleashed on some unsuspecting prey. She looks a bit hungry in this photo as well.

Rangers have always said to me when I was younger that the lions in a game park only see vehicles as one whole entity and that is why they do not associate us with food or individuals able to be hunted. I seem to disagree with this when this kind of scenario happens (which it has A LOT with me). She is definitely looking right at me, almost into my soul, and there is not doubt about that for me. The eye-contact from a lioness is unnerving as well as captivating for me. She could walk/stalk right up the side of my vehicle and I wouldn’t even realised-haha…I guess that makes me easy prey. I’ve got Noa here to protect me now though so I should be ok.

Take a look folks…

Cheers til tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Eye Contact

  1. She is beautiful ! Nice almost etched out effect you have got with this one…really lovely Hannes 🙂 I am so envious….can’t wait to get there this year !

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