Black & White Friday – ‘Killer in the Dust’

Hi all…I am sure you are all relieved because it’s Friday and the weekend soon!

My black and white photo for you today is a pretty eerie one I think. This cheetah is busy trying to take down a Springbok while it is trying madly to get away. The cheetah seemed to be able to latch on while it was mid-pronk. You can see the run-around that happened by all of the dust that was kicked up by them which is still lingering in the air around them. It almost looks like mist when in black and white which I guess for the Kalahari, the dust is the equivalent.  [For the more sensitive viewers, we could just say that the cheetah is busy giving the Springbok a little love-bite and they ‘lived happily ever after’]. But, this is the bush and nature in its raw form so this is what happens…animals get killed to feed others.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

On another note…I am looking forward to my colleagues coming to visit me next week and bringing me supplies! Fresh fruit and veggies-happy days. Have a good weekend all and don’t forget to do something outdoors.


4 thoughts on “Black & White Friday – ‘Killer in the Dust’

  1. Hallo Hannes
    Ons is oppad na die Kgalagadi en arriveer Sat 11 Des, miskien gaan ons jou raakloop. Die beelde is “stunning”
    Khalahari Groete

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