Unexpected Behaviour

Hi all…I hope the weekends were good for you. I guess that everyone is in this time of gearing up for Christmas but up here we are totally oblivious to it. We have however noticed that the holiday-makers have started arriving. I just hope that they don’t disturb us too much because the very little amount of sleep we get at night (usually 5 hours) is precious. I will be taking a little time off to go up to Swakopmund to get my vehicle serviced so that will be our little holiday away from the park and campers.

Anyway, to get to the photo I will be sharing with you today…we were sitting watching a few lionesses just relaxing (as lions do best) when I noticed a brown hyena coming strolling down towards us. It did not seem to take notice of us (which is what we want) AND it did not seem to be aware of the lionesses either. As the brown hyena got a little too close, the one lioness decided that he needed to be taught a lesson when approaching them so she got up and chased the hyena away. The image is not very clear (or good) but it was low light and very difficult to capture clearly as it was unexpected like I said. For those of you that are interested, it was taken with my Nikon D3, 600mm lens, F4. You can still get the idea of what was happening though so take a look…

nikon D3, 600mm f4

Any stories from you guys of unexpected behaviour in the bush from animals?

Cheers til tomorrow.

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  1. This photo is interesting the animals are nice and sharp-and the scenery is blured ! It is a good action shot.

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