Wacky Wildebeest

Hi all…I hope the weekend was a good one for all of you. Noa and I are still just trying to keep cool up here in the heat but doing what we love to do still so it’s not that bad. Today I am going to share a funny one with you all because I noticed this photo as I was going through them and every time I see it I smile. I hope it will do the same for you. It is a photo of one of the wildebeest around the park here. I don’t know what it is about these antelope (yes, they are part of the antelope family) but every time I come across them they make me laugh in some way. If it’s not just their generally weird appearance, its their mad behaviour and random outbursts of frolicking about. I love them because they are unpredictable and always look a little bit out-of-place. I don’t know if it is just this parks wildebeest but they always seem to be alone in a smaller heard of either Springbok, Gemsbok or Rooi¬†Hartebeest. It kind of looks like they are always trying to fit in but never quite do. If you ever see them going truly crazy, i.e. galloping and bucking about, it is probably a male trying busy to entice a female to mate with.

If you have any funny stories of these guys or any others really, feel free to share them with me…take a look at this photo and hopefully have a chuckle.

Enjoy it and cheers til tomorrow!

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