Fiery Backdrop

Hi all…so sticking with the ‘cats’ thing this week, which was actually unintentional, I have another leopard photograph for you today. This one I like because of the intensely orange part of the background. It is such an intense colour that you almost lose the leopard totally in the photo. Usually I wouldn’t like a photo like this when the background drowns out the subject but this one is cool because the orange captures your attention but then the leopards jumps out at you as well after that. I also think it that it is quite nice that half of the photo is in shade/shadow of the sun going down and the other half is still ‘on fire’. I love everything about these cats and this photo shows off their muscular, powerful shoulders well and their wispy tails.

Take a look and let me know what you think…I know not all of you might like this one.


3 thoughts on “Fiery Backdrop

  1. Ek is mal oor die foto! En mal oor luiperde!
    Het met ons laaste besoek aan die Kgalagadi tervergeefs na luiperde gesoek, alhoewel ek dink hulle het waarskynlik vir ons gesien. Hopelik is ons volgende keer (Mei 2011) gelukkiger. Kgalagadi bly egter great, al sien ‘n mens nie ‘n enkele luiperd nie.

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