Yellow Devil

Hi all…it is that great day of the week again that everyone looks forward to, Friday. My photograph I am sharing with you today is one of those menacing ones that not everyone would be excited to see in real life. The Cape Cobra, like in my previous post about this snake, is not a snake to be messed with. They have a powerful neurotoxin that they inject into their prey. Like you can see in this photograph, they are often found in trees looking for prey (mainly small birds like Sociable Weavers). This is not a snake I like to come across too often but is beautiful in its own right. The bright yellow colouring of it makes it pretty easy to identify and spot so you should be able to get out of a potentially bad situation if you come across it. Like I have said before, please always be aware of where you are walking etc. when you are in places like the Kalahari. You are the visitors remember.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend and try getting some time outdoors. Cheers til Monday

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