On the Prowl

Hi all…as I mentioned yesterday, today‚Äôs photograph that I am sharing with you is another sneaky stalking cat. This one is of a lioness in the longer grass creeping up on her prey. I like this one because of the angle I was able to get on her when taking the photo. You can see the intensity in her eyes focussing on what she is about to launch herself into. I also like the little shadows that the grass is casting on her face because it makes her camouflage a lot more effective. Her coat blends in to the colour of the dry grass and you can barely see her in it. These animals really know what techniques work for them and she definitely knows that this one using the grass if very effective for her to get close to her prey. Unlike the cheetah and leopards, lions need to get pretty close to their prey which makes their stalking really important. They rely on it more because they are not as fast as the other cats at sprinting after their prey over long distances. Their power is what makes them such effective hunters because once they latch on to their prey, the fight is over.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Cheers til tomorrow.


One thought on “On the Prowl

  1. Nice pic! I prefer pics like these as your subject (lion) is not handed to you on a plate.. either coincidence/good timing or you the photographer worked hard for the pic and capture the right moment.

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