Something bugging you…?

Hi all…I hope that you all had great weekends. Things are getting busy up here for me…quite a few things on the go so forgive me if some of the posts this week are a little brief. It’s that dreaded day of the week-Monday-so I thought the photograph I will share with you today will be one to hopefully cheer you up a little. My subject this time was maybe one of the cutest animals in this park that I love to photograph – the Cape Fox. Some of you may recall the series of photographs I managed to take of some of the pups playing in the sand which were published in my latest book: ‘Colours of the Kalahari’. One is captured here in the dark keeping a very close eye on a bug whilst waiting for mom to return with some food. Curling up in that beautifully, soft and comfortable-looking tail this little fox wanted to make sure that this bug kept on walking by and didn’t disturb its place of rest. I think we have all probably experienced that before as well. There is nothing worse than being disturbed by something where you have to move from the place you had just got comfortable in. This was taken with my┬áNikon D3s and┬áNikon 600mm f4.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow.

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