Double Trouble

Hi all…I hope Monday wasn’t too much of a nightmare for all of you. Well it is over and you are one step closer to the weekend. There is something even better about this coming weekend that you can look forward to…it is a LONG weekend! Next Monday is a public holiday to celebrate ‘Human Rights Day’ so I hope you have all planned to do something exciting and maybe even get away for a bit. Let me know your plans if you have.

The photograph i am sharing with you today is probably going to make you think that you are seeing double but don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you eyesight. I came across these two bad boys relaxing in the long. comfy, green grass one day. Doing what young-males love to do, they were busy checking out another female not to far from them. I would love to be able to hear what goes through their minds as I am sure that it is not too far off the type of thoughts that would go through any other young males mind, regardless of the species.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Before I go I was just wondering if any of you had suggestions for me of local book stores or SA Travel shops etc. in your areas that would be suitable to stock my books (excluding Exclusive Books). There are lots out there and I want as many people to see my work as possible so any ideas are welcome. Just send me the contact details if you have them or just the name and I will try find the rest. Thanks guys and cheers til tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Double Trouble

    • Goeiemiddag Hannes,

      In Die Wilgers, ‘n voorstad van Pretoria is ‘n boekwinkel, “Hutten Buchdienst” in Vuurklipsraat , Die Wilgers. Eienaar is ‘n Afrikaanse Duitser Horst Grafe, met ‘n umlaut.

      Nader hom gerus en sĂȘ om Hennie Siebert het jou van hom vertel, as jy dit nie reeds weet nie.

      Gaan so voort,


      Hennie Siebert

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