Hi all…its great to be back in Cape Town and everything and everyone are keeping me busy but I must say, I do miss my home-from-home, The Kalahari and all of its special inhabitants. The invitation stands for anyone that is interested in me or my business that wants to get in touch with me while I am here. I will do my best to fit you in to my busy work schedule. Today’s blog post you might think is a little bit of a strange one but that is what I am surrounded with up in the Kalahari. I never know what to expect which is part of its appeal to me. I came across this spotted hyena trotting off into the bush. It had killed a gemsbok all by itself and after gorging itself on about half of the kill, it decided to choose the stomach as the take-away. It was able to extract the stomach pretty much keeping it intact which was impressive for a hyena. I like this photograph because it is kind of quirky and funny and not something you see everyday.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow and don’t forget to tune in to my blog again for another of my special Friday posts.

One thought on “Doggy-bag

  1. Amazing! Sou nou nooit kon raai dat een hiena op sy eie ‘n gemsbok kan doodmaak nie!? Dink jy die gemsbok was dalk siek/swak?

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