Size is not important

Hi all…so my post today is just trying to highlight the fact that, when it comes to birds, size does not matter. If you have an interest in them, it really does not matter what size they are because some of the most fascinating species are incredibly small and are often more interesting than the larger birds-of-prey. I have a huge interest in every living creature out there in the Kalahari so to me, birds are a very large source of entertainment. You are lucky today as well because I am again sharing two of my photographs with you. I chose them hopefully to show you a little of the diversity that can be found in the park. The first is of a Swallow-tailed Bee Eater which you can unmistakably distinguish because of its forked tail. This bird is brightly coloured and has a preference for honey bees. They only eat insects and as the name suggests, prefer bees. ┬áThe second photograph is of a Juvenile Pale Chanting Goshawk having just caught a mouse to snack on. They like to use the tall dead trees around this area as an effective vantage point to hunt from in the open areas. However, they can also often be seen walking around on the ground.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Swallow-tailed Bee Eater

Juvenile Pale Chanting Goshawk

Cheers til tomorrow…

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