Dressed to Impress

Hi all…I hope you all had great weekends because I know I did. The ‘Getaway Show’ was great and a big thank you to everyone that came to visit me at my stand. It was great seeing you all so thanks for the support. Pretty tired now though but that’s what you get for talking to people the entire weekend. I have a treat for you guys again this week because I have decided to extend BIRD WEEK. This week will be dedicated to birds as well so I hope you enjoy it. Today’s subject is a beautiful little bird – The Shaft-tailed Whydah. This little male I photographed during their breeding season. I know this┬ábecause that is when they have this colouring/plumage and the four elongated tails. After the breeding season the male sheds this tail and goes back to a olive-brown female-like plumage. These birds mainly like to eat grass seeds. So ladies, let me ask you this…what woman wouldn’t want him?

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow.

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