Gone Bush

Good afternoon everyone… For this week we will be out doing field-work, meaning no coms for updating the blog. We stayed out already for this weekend so today we share with you a couple of photographs of us what it looks like when we are out in the bush. More will be posted when we will be back in camp again. Have a good day and see you next week!

Black & White Saturday!

Good afternoon everyone… Sorry for the late post, I just got back from the field, I got this cheetah on the dunes just before Samevloeiing on the hunt! She was very thin and her sister and two brothers were stalking a group of springbok. Fortunately they caught a springbok the next day! Enjoy and see you on Monday!

Burning Horizon!

Good afternoon everyone!… The sunsets and sunrises are getting more and more beautiful every day! The sky was on fire this morning, and we were driving around to look for animals to put against the burning sky. We found a group of springbok grazing on a ridge close to Samevloeiing! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!




Good morning everyone!… Its getting very cold up here! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Anyway, animal life goes on as usual. Recently we popped into Nossob camp to take some photos for Wild Magazine and we spent some time with the grounsquirrels there. They are always entertaining! Here one is pushing the other one over, just to make sure he knows who’s the boss! These cute animals are identifiable by their white stripes along the sides, the missing external ear and the long, bushy tail, which offers them shade. Because they are often fed by visitors, they can become a nuisance. So pleeeeease don’t feed them when you are in the camps! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Good morning everyone!… The Lanner Falcons are having fun again at Kij Kij! Here one is snatched in mid-air! The sandgrouse comes down to the waterholes to fill their feathers with water for their chicks! The feathers of the belly are specially adapted to absorbing water and retaining it, allowing adult birds, particularly males, to carry water to chicks that may be many miles away from watering holes, up to 50 km away! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

Bark is worse than it’s bite!

Good afternoon everyone!… Everything is cooling down at the moment, last week it was 1 degree Celsius, and the winter is not even here yet! You here a lot of barking geckos in the summer when its hot, but a lot less when its colder. We bumped into this little one last night after spending some time at a hyena den.. He was running around underneath our spotlight, catching insects thats drawn to the light! “Barking Geckos are limited to the arid western parts of southern africa. These little guys are heard more than they are seen. You can hear them every-night, but can you see them? Noooooo not easily, they are very small, this one was about 3cm long . The calls of these little reptiles signal sunset and for all living in the Kalahari, this means also that another hot day is ending and that the coolness of the night has arrived. The males call on most summer nights to attract mates. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

Spotting the Cheetah!

Good afternoon everyone! The cheetahs are back in the southern Nossob River, because of all the groups of springbok. I drove past probably five hundred this morning and we had lion & cheetah spottings! The lions were at Kij Kij having a snooze as usual and the cheetahs at Melkvlei.

I took this shot late afternoon against the setting sun with beautiful pastel colours! The Kalahari sunsets are usually amazing when there is clouds on the horizon! Enjoy and see you on Monday!

Hyena mischief!

Good afternoon everyone… We have been consentrating on a hyeana den the last couple of days, and its been very interesting, they nibble on everything!! There is also 3 cubs and they are very very entertaining as well. When the cubs are young they are black and develop the spots at a later stage.

Here the hyena nibbles on the side canvasses with the moon in the background! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

She’s BACK!!!

Good afternoon everyone… The female leopard in the south has been very scarce the last month and we were a bit worried about her, since there was a lot of lion activity in the south we thought something might if happened to her!! She is well and looking good! Still very very skittish and she hates the noise of diesel engines!!! Hopefully we will see more of her this month to come. Another worry for us is the disappearance of Mufasa, my trusty Rooiputs pride mail who recently lost his coalition partner “Murtu” due to old age! We haven’t seen him for two months! And we’ve seen young males mating in the region, which worries us a lot! There are 4 young males in that area frequently and we don’t see his tracks anymore! There is also 4 young males in the south, the “beach boys”, blonde and even they are mating everywhere! We think Mufasa needs to come sort these boys out!!!! We are very afraid and against four young males on the border of his territory, north and south can turn fatal!!! Lets hope he is on a extended holiday in the dunes somewhere! Anyone that knows this lion and have seen him, please contact me, thanks! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!



Im watching you!

Good morning everyone… Hope you had a great weekend, we were lucky to see a couple of male cheetahs on the hunt over the weekend, they chased a steenbok over the dunes and disappeared in the long grass. These animals can run up to speeds of 110 km/h and normally hunts during the days because of the other predator activity at night like lion, hyenas, and leopard. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!