Good morning everyone… It was a extremely cold morning, and although we saw fresh tracks of a male leopard, lion , spotted hyena, porcupine and wildcat, we didn’t see them! We think they are hiding in bushes or caves because of the cold! The coldest time of the day/night is the hour before sunset, and this morning my windscreen kept on freezing up and we had to drop down the window to see better! It wasn’t fun, luckily I had a balaclava to cover my face from the windchill! It was -8 Degrees Celsius this morning, but with a dropped down front windscreen, its a bit colder!

Here is a female drinking water at Samevloeing that I took a while ago! Enjoy your weekend and see you on monday!


Morning Glow!

Good morning everyone!!!! The lions at Rooiputs are active in the camp as usual! This one was snapped just outside the camp walking into the sun! Always a tricky shot, but also a dangerous one, if you look into the sun through your viewfinder. Be careful!!!

This female is walking towards the dunes where the temperature is a little hotter than the riverbed. The temperature is almost 4 degrees hotter in the dunes, so the lions. if they don’t hunt, go back to the dunes to heat up! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!





Good morning everyone… When the south of the Park is quiet we like to drive up towards Kamqua picnic-site, there at Rooibrak waterhole are two huge Black-maned lions, and we see them regularly ! The pride consist out of 3 cubs, a female and the two big boys!

To me, the Black-maned lions look so much more powerful and fierce than their golden mane counterparts. Coming face-to-face with a Kalahari Black-maned lion in the Park is an experience to cherish. This species is said to have been the strongest and biggest. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!




Good morning everyone… The big male of the south is still missing! Mufasa hasn’t been seen for almost 3 months, so we think the worst! But you never know! He might be off on a extended holiday somewhere in the Botswana dunes! Especially with the cold, its almost  4 degrees hotter in the dunes than in the riverbed! Today’s photo is of the new young male that has been mating with a female in the Leeudril and Rooiputs area. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Climbing 101!

Good morning everyone… It was very cold this morning and the kalahari was filled with the most incredible smell! It started raining, very unusual for this time of the year! We love the first rains after the dry season! Unfortunately, the dry season is still a long way from now, it will reach its peak around November / December before the rainy season starts. The leopard cubs started to eat meat and climb trees! We’e seen them in trees a lot the last week, but also falling out of the trees a lot! Its actually very humorous! Here one of the little ones is clinging on, before it lost grip and tumbled to the ground! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Black & White Friday!

Good morning everyone… The cubs are growing up fast, and loves to play with mothers tail! Actually anything that moves they will chase. We are still trying to find out the sex of the cubs, but at this stage its quite difficult, but I think it’s a male and female. The one thats a bit more shy I think is the female. As soon as we find out the sex, we’ll think of names for them! Enjoy and see you on monday!


New Born!

Good afternoon everyone… The hyenas den has a new addition, he/she was born about 4-5 weeks ago! We haven’t been in that area for a while, so it was great to see the other three cubs that was born about 4 months ago is growing up fast! Spotted hyena cubs are born almost fully developed, with their eyes open and erupting incisors and canines, though lacking adult markings. They are totally black when born and only develop the spots after a about roughly 3-4 months. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Colours of the Kalahari!

Good morning everyone… Everyday we go out on a game drive, we see something colourful! This morning a Crimson breasted Shrike paraded its colours in the morning sun! This shrike is extremely nimble and restless, its penetrating whistles often being the first sign of its presence, although it is not a shy species. The sexes have the same colouration and are indistinguishable from each other. So for once the ladies can match the males when it comes to colours!! Hihi! Enjoy & see you tomorrow.


Crimson sky!

Good morning everyone…! The sunrises at the moment are spectacular, it’s always nice with all the little ridges in the south of the park to look for any animals to silhouette against the sky! This springbok was a great subject. Bachelor Males and females form separate herds. Springbok often go into bouts of repeated high leaps of up to 4.0 metres into the air in a practice known as “pronking”. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Leopard update!

Good morning everyone… What a busy weekend!!! We had my family here the last week and we are all stocked up again! We had salads, greens and loads of cooked foods, just like my mom use to make! MMMMM Lekker! We can go without food again for a month! Thanks to my family and all the entertainment of the little ones! And thanks to Shaun and Erica for all the braaing! It was nice sitting back for a while! But i had to work everyday and keep up with the leopards. The mom caught a Bat-eard Fox three days ago and a springbok last night. The father of the cubs pitched up this morning, but was chased off very quickly! Also a brown hyenas came to visit the den, while the mother was off hunting! Luckily they saw the hyena in time! A weekend full of action!

The photo of today is of one of the cubs and the mother,  my brother, Ryk and his wife Stefanie, And Shaun Waso, “The Braaimaster!”  Enjoy and see you tomorrow!