Aerial Battle!

Good morning everyone!… The Black-shouldered Kites are still building nests, but as usual there are other birds of prey that interfere all the time! Pale-chanting Goshawks, Gabar Goshawks and Red-necked Falcons bomb-drop the kites all the time while building their nest! They have been building about two weeks now and should be finished soon.┬áBlack-shouldered Kites have been observed in aerial combat at the margins of territories, locking talons in a behaviour described as “grappling”. In this photograph the┬áRed-necked Falcon bomb-drops the Kite every time it flies to the nest with twigs. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Aerial Battle!

  1. Very beautiful, as usual! When is your next book coming out. Please put my name right on top!!!!

  2. Amazing foto, Hannes !!
    Jy kan maar regtig kom foto’s neem van my pragtige dogtertjie, Lily, ook.

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