Bird Quiz Week!

Good morning everyone… We are going to run a Bird-Quiz the next week, and the person who comes up with the first correct answer everyday stands a chance to win one of my coffee-table books.

We’ll run about one a month for the next three months, the person with the most correct answers after the three months wins! Good luck! Here is the first and remember its not going to be that easy!!!! We’ll throw in a couple of difficult ones!

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Bird Quiz Week!

  1. Looking at the beak and long tail with the tail barring, I would bank on it being the Common (Greater) Scimitarbill.

    Looking forward to the next one Hannes.xx

  2. Swartbekkakelaar klink vir my ook na die regte een. Die leeu wat drink by Samevloeiing is “amazing”.
    Ek is nou ‘n nuweling op hierdie “blog” storie, hoop ek doen al’s reg en hoop afrikaans is aanvaarbaar

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