Cooking 101!

Good morning everyone! A while ago staying at Rooiputs a few lions came to visit! They were thirsty and helped themselves to the water that we boiled for a shower. First the lid was removed and after playing with it for half an hour, they came back for the water after it had cooled down! Then after drinking the water they disappeared into the night with my pot! The next morning we managed to find the pot about a 100m from the camp and the lid was nowhere to be seen! So for anyone going to Rooiputs, be aware of the inquisitive 3 females! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Cooking 101!

  1. Where are you in all this camping around the animals. Do you live in a tree, clearly we wan t a picture of ou rcamp???. xx

  2. Hmmmm Hannes, jy bring nou baie “memories” terug. Ons het verlede jaar Desember dieselfde ding gehad toe ‘n troppie leeus in ons kamp by Mapaythluta (spelling) gekamp het in Mabuasehube. Een mannetjie, drie wyfies en 7 welpies. Hulle het so 1uur die kamp ingekom (ons in die daktent) en ons daar vasgekeer tot so 6uur die volgende oggend. ‘n Ondervinding wat ek NOOIT sal vergeet nie. Groete.

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