Bird Quiz 2 no.7?

Good morning everyone! Colin Wylie has taken the lead, looks like your river-guiding years are actually paying off, ha-ha!!! Yesterday’s bird was a Swallow-tailed Bee-eater (Merops hirundineus). Just as the name suggests, bee-eaters predominantly eats insects, which are caught in the air from an open perch. Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters has a preference for honeybees. Here is todays quiz: What bird is in the snake’s mouth? This is the last of the second quiz, good luck and see you tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Bird Quiz 2 no.7?

  1. its a social weaver chick!! ha ha river guiding always pays off…cool pics Hannes!!lekker man

  2. Wat ‘n grillerige manier om hierdie “quiz” mee af te sluit. Sjoe!
    Nietemin, te oordeel aan die nes grasse moet dit seker maar ‘n versamelvoel kuiken wees (stem saam)

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