Final Bird Quiz no.5?

Good morning everyone! Ok Colin Wylie and Andrew Stegman are tied at 5 all with 3 quiz’s to go! So lets see what happens over the next 3 days!!! Exciting stuff!!!! Im throwing another spanner in the works and making it a bit more difficult for the last 3 days!

Andrew was correct yesterday, it was a Brown Snake Eagle (Circaetus cinereus). Here goes today’s quiz, good luck and see you tomorrow! This bird was snapped at Kwang waterhole a couple of years ago!


5 thoughts on “Final Bird Quiz no.5?

  1. Het nou twee keer die week jou quiz gekry, maar die voel is ‘n “volksvreemde” voel, lyk my na ‘n Lelkraanvoel

  2. Hannes – now you’re just showing off with your beautiful photo’s!
    I’m going for the Open Bill Stork

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