The little things!

Good morning everyone. Sometimes one should look past the lions, leopards and other big predators, and try to see the little things! Today we share with you a giant Ground Gecko.

The Giant ground gecko (Chondrodactylus angulifer) has a big head with a short snout on a large, strong, cylindrical body. The tail is shorter than the body. The eyes are a prominent feature, bulging with vertical pupils adding to the charisma of this species. They are terrestrial and nocturnal which stay in a short burrow, re-dug of an evening time, or a disused scorpion den that they have enlarged.

When these geckos feel endangered they will lunge and bite if necessary. They do carry a small amount of poison, which is harmless. Predators include the horned adder, bat-eared fox, suricates and owls.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “The little things!

  1. Are these what are also called the Barking Geko or is that something else?

    I have often heard them, but never seen one as they shut up when you approach (unlike some people!)


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