Good day everyone, we are back but also on our way again to Etosha with friends! We’ll be back at the end of the month, so no posting after today. We photograph this male lion at Leeudril, he is one of the “Beachboys” of the south!

Enjoy and see you at the end of the month!


Ps. Thanks for the Stegman family for all the entertainment on our recent photographic safari! It was a blast!


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  1. Awesome photo – maybe when I have put into practice what I learned I’ll be able to do this as well one day.
    Having gone through my 2,400 photo’s I really appreciate how damn good you are at what you do, as none of them would have made your blog – let alone your books!
    The knowledge and patience of our Hannes is extraordinary – a true privilege to have been with you for the week.
    Thanks for making it so memorable.

  2. Where’s the bee?

    Thanks for a super 4 days.

    Have fun with “friends” in Etosha



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