Weekly update!

Good morning everyone, its been a very hot week, in the lower 40’s, but we also had some good rain, thunder and windstorms. The veld is turning beautifully green and there are millions of bugs! The devil’s Thorn flowers are blooming, and the kites are enjoying all the termites! On the animal front, Kali is growing up fast, and Luna have mated with Oscar again! Hopefully in 3 months we’ll have more cubs, lets keep our fingers crossed! The southern pride had a successful hunt in the Samevloeiing area and the Beach Boys from Kij Kij are mating all over the place! The one male from Kij Kij, as seen below has grown big sideburns, almost reminds us of Elvis! Anyway enjoy and see you soon!!!



Lionkill at Samevloeiing.

Brown hyena in green grass.


First springbok kill!

Good morning everyone, we’ve been hard at work not leaving the leopard’s side for a moment! Kali has caught one of her first springbok, a fully grown ram!!! Incredible hunter at only 9 months!! Her mother joined her about 24 hrs later to join in the feast! And last, but not least, Oscar made his appearance a day later to feed of the scraps! Poor Oscar! It was nice to see the family together again! After all this excitement a lion chased them up a tree and Oscar ran away over the dunes!!! We’ll keep you posted as much we can, but unfortunately I do a lot of fieldwork at the moment and are running out of time most days, but we’ll keep you posted at least once a week!!! Enjoy and see you soon!



Good morning everyone, we are back in the bush, and things are heating up! The last 24 hrs we had great sightings, the riverbeds are active and lots happening. The heatwave is to continue today and hopefully we will see some good rains soon. The Kalahari is very dry at the moment! After chasing a springbok and missing, this cheetah strolled up a dune to enjoy the sunset. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!