First springbok kill!

Good morning everyone, we’ve been hard at work not leaving the leopard’s side for a moment! Kali has caught one of her first springbok, a fully grown ram!!! Incredible hunter at only 9 months!! Her mother joined her about 24 hrs later to join in the feast! And last, but not least, Oscar made his appearance a day later to feed of the scraps! Poor Oscar! It was nice to see the family together again! After all this excitement a lion chased them up a tree and Oscar ran away over the dunes!!! We’ll keep you posted as much we can, but unfortunately I do a lot of fieldwork at the moment and are running out of time most days, but we’ll keep you posted at least once a week!!! Enjoy and see you soon!


3 thoughts on “First springbok kill!

  1. Hi, wil net dankie sĂȘ vir die pragtige fotos in die Weg, ek like die een van Luna die meeste , sy is so pragtig hoop jy sien haar gou weer, en hoop sy kry weer babas…Groete uit die Vrystaat..

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