Weekly update!

Good morning everyone! The rain continues and the bugs are more than ever! The stinkbugs taste just as bad as they smell! Uggh! The grass is getting longer and the kalahari is turning into a paradise! The Cats tail’s flowers are slowly making their appearance and the Devils thorn flowers are everywhere! Kali and Luna disapeared for a week with all the rains, but this morning they were back in the riverbed. Oscar has been scarce, probably flirting with another female. The Beach boys are very active in the Kij Kij area and they are your best bet to see lions in the southern region.

The Yellow-billed kites are in abundance and hunting termites in the air! Great to see these acrobats at work! Enjoy and see you soon!

3 thoughts on “Weekly update!

  1. Haven’t been keeping up with you for a while…. Raising my own “cats”…… But love this kite! Really Greg photo! The North is in de freeze and snow conditions so it is really nice to view your pictures for inspiration! Thanks for keeping the blog going.

  2. Dankie vir die nuus, het gewonder hoe dit met Luna gaan…..lekker daggie vir julle. wens ek was nou daar. kan net dink hoe mooi die Kalahari na die re├źn gaan lyk….Bi

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