Luna, queen of the Kalahari Desert!

Good morning everyone, its getting cold here in the Kalahari, -9 degrees Celsius yesterday morning and today -8 degrees Celsius!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Anyway, the Landrover pipes froze this morning and the Landy overheated shortly after our game-drive began!!! After sitting in the sun for a while, off we were in pursuit of game! Luna, the female leopard we have been following the last 18 months is looking better than ever. Noa spotted her from about 400 meters in long grass! Impressive!!!! She is up the river towards Leeudril on a ridge and was lying in the sun, heating up from the cold.


6 thoughts on “Luna, queen of the Kalahari Desert!

  1. Hierdie is nou een van daardie fot’s wat ek graag sou wou neem. Regtig besonderse foto, Hannes! Dit kom wel teen ‘n prys. . . bittere koue teen -8grade! Regtig “Impressive” Dankie dat julle dit met ons deel.

  2. Hi Hannes, I work at a Uni in Brisbane Australia. I sit in the office, update web sites and (I guess) do valuable work in supporting a group of scientists that are working hard to save our planet. Your pictures come via RSS feed to me every week or so and are delightful. When stuck in the office here, they give me a moment to dream of the Kalahari again. I have been to the Kalahari and fell in love! Keep up the great work! Thanks,

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