Gotta Pee!!!

Good evening everyone! Time in the kalahari is getting short for us and after more than 4 years here we are realizing what we soon have to leave behind! It’s going to be very hard driving out of this Park! A sad day indeed! But still, 70 fun-filled days to come!!! So, today we share with you some of the little creatures in this park that always makes us laugh! Enjoy and see you soon!

First Rains!

Good afternoon everyone, the first rains have arrived, mmmm and the smell was overwhelming! Its also getting hotter here in the Kalahari, the temperature reaching 36 degrees Celsius the last couple of days! The tent is a lot cooler since we got reflecting sheets that covers our tent, sponsored by Bushwakka in Worcester, which gives us a 7 degrees cooler tent!!!! Thank you, Jasper!!! Heeehah, bring on the summer! The eland are slowly disappearing, and the cats are more frequently seen in the riverbeds, also the cheetahs are back in the riverbeds, after a cold winter. We share with you today a family of jackals playing in the morning light. Enjoy and see you soon!


Bon appétit!!!

Good morning everyone, the eland are slowly disappearing into the dunes again, looks like they had enough of all the lions. Last week at Houmoed waterhole a single male lion caught 3 eland and devoured it over a period of 24 hours. Also, Luna was attacked, by what looks like lion, but she is walking ok, so hopefully no permanent damage. It is difficult for other predators drinking water when the lions just park off at all the waterholes waiting for the eland to come drink. Here, one of the southern males is pulling out the stomach of an eland it just caught, enjoy and see you soon.