Final Chapter!

Good morning everyone. Its been a crazy 2 weeks for me & Noa. While I was in London, attending the BBC’s Veolia Wildlife Photographic Awards ceremony, Noa was filming in Namibia doing a quick project on relocation of giraffe and zebra in a private game reserve. Both of us are back and in full swing! This is our last month in a very long four and a half years.

London is a crazy city, and I was happy to be back, missed the open spaces, and happy not to get lost. Between me and Heinrich van den Berg, we probably got lost 5 times a day! There are a slightly more roads in London, here we have 2!

I share with you a few photos of London, and Noa’s relocation video stills.

Enjoy and see you soon!

The photo I entered for the BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year Awards.

Noa flying above the zebra herd.


Noa with Teddy, the pilot, after an exciting darting session.

Hyena Snack!

Good morning everyone, it’s getting hotter in the Kalahari and the thermometer almost reached 40 degrees Celsius yesterday! The lions at Kij Kij are still entertaining us almost every day!
They killed an eland last week and the hyenas were very annoying. When the lions had enough, they charged and killed one of them, played around with him and left him for the vultures.
A juvenile bateleur nibbled on the carcass for a while before the jackal took over. Enjoy and see you soon!