Hyena Snack!

Good morning everyone, it’s getting hotter in the Kalahari and the thermometer almost reached 40 degrees Celsius yesterday! The lions at Kij Kij are still entertaining us almost every day!
They killed an eland last week and the hyenas were very annoying. When the lions had enough, they charged and killed one of them, played around with him and left him for the vultures.
A juvenile bateleur nibbled on the carcass for a while before the jackal took over. Enjoy and see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Hyena Snack!

  1. Hannes, don’t you feel bad that you didn’t stop those dreadful bullying lions from hurting a poor little defenceless hyena? Shame on you !

    Where are you going in about 65 days time once you have been kicked out of the Kalagadi?

    By the way,that;s a super photo !

  2. What an amasing experience. Planning our next trip back for January. Its going to be hot but its the only leave we have. We are aspiring, learning photographers and are passionate about wildlife and the bush. So enjoy your blog.

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