High Waters.

The water has arrived in the Delta and we are currently cut off from most of the islands where some of the prides are spending most of there time. The animals are spread out so sightings are extremely scarce. 2 Lion-sightings in a month only. What was nice is a few cheetah sightings and also a few leopard sightings, but very skittish. But our best sighting was 12 Lions that killed an elephant bull. It’s sad to see these giants perish, and always difficult to capture an image that doesn’t show the gruesome details. We spend a few days there and it took a week before everything was devoured by over a 1000 vultures, hyena, and jackal, and a leopard also popped in, but kept an eye on the whole situation from a distance. Our base gets also visited more often, even a leopard and lion roared past our tent. It’s so nice being surrounded by all these magnificent animals. We feel much safer here than in the cities, believe it or not!
Enjoy and see you soon.

One thought on “High Waters.

  1. hi hansie and noa,how you keeping.I envy you guys.Just recovering from being ill but will survive.I miss you lot ,its time to come visit again.When are you heading my way again.Keep up the good work and stay in touch,cheers chomma

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