Chiefs Island Safari – 1 Space Left!

The award winning Chief’s Camp is located on Chief’s Island in the Mombo Concession of the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve. This area is known as the ‘Predator Capital of Africa’ and is ideal for game viewing. The luxurious camp is ideal for an exciting Photographic Safari due to the vast numbers of animals that congregate all year round. Chief’s Island is one of the many islands created by the seasonal flood waters of the Okavango Delta and is well-known for the finest game viewing in Southern Africa.
As the predator capital of the world, the game viewing is awe-inspiring. But apart from its predators, the Moremi is also renowned for its large concentrations of plains-game, elephant and buffalo.
You will also no doubt see giraffe, impala and zebra. Endangered wild dog also make this area their home. Several lion prides as well as genet cats and hyena also live in abundance here. Like the rest of the Okavango Delta, the area is a paradise for bird lovers, with over 500 species.
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24-28 November 2015


In Motion.

Things are picking up in the Moremi and had a few great sightings the last 3 weeks. Caracal, serval, lions 10 days in a row, cheetah on a termite mound, hyenas destroying two of our chairs in camp and plenty more. Also some beautiful wild dogs, in great light. Its getting hotter as well and our tent clocked 40 degrees Celsius on the inside at midday yesterday. 38 degrees Celsius outside! We also had unexpected rain for a day, giving us a beautiful sunset with colourful clouds. It was great spotting a serval last week, my second ever in the wild! Excited beyond words. We share with you today a wild-dog in motion. Enjoy.