Europe Adventure!

After 4 weeks in Europe, 10 public talks, exhibitions and slideshows, on our work and bush-life, we are heading back to Africa to continue our project in the Okavango Delta. Very proud of Noa who also did her first public talk in Germany. We have a hard 6 months ahead and we will be moving around the Delta quite a lot to cover different areas.
We are also looking forward to our Photographic Safaris in October and November on Chiefs Island and other areas in the Delta. Look on our website for more details or email us
All our dates for Photographic Safaris for 2017 is almost done and will be posted soon. We will have trips to Kenya, Okavango Delta and the Kalahari.
We share with you today one of my favourite prints that was on exhibition, “Miss Castro”! A giraffe nibbling on the fruit of a Sausage-tree.

PS. Thanks to Colin & Erica Fletcher, Freddy & Maya B├╝hler, in Switzerland for his hospitality and help during our exhibitions, Caspar & Katja Venter from Venter Tours in Germany and last but not least Tom Moerel also from Switzerland for all his help! Also Nikon Switzerland for their support during my exhibition in Switzerland.


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