Very high quality inkjet coated non-woven wallpaper. Ideal for personalised interior designs.

This wallpaper has a high opacity and will hide small blemishes and cracks. Use the same materials and procedures used to hang traditional wallpaper. Roll width is 900mm.


  • large gamut and high colour rendering
  • smooth surface
  • high opacity for good covering
  • high dimensional stability and wet strength resistance
  • can be applied with standard glue fornon-woven wallpaper
  • can cover small cracks
  • easy to remove
  • pvc-free
  • 170 g/m2
  • non-woven

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Midnight’s Feast

After a huge fight between 2 hippo bulls the older male died because of all his wounds and blood-loss. The carcass drifted for a few days and after the
crocodiles had their fare share, the smell attracted hyenas and they walked in carefully to drag the remains out. After feasting for a while 2 lions appear on the other side of the river. To avoid getting eaten by crocodiles they walked downriver to cross the river where it was more narrow. The hyenas ran away and the lions feasted on the remains the whole night long until early morning. Now and then the hippo bull responsible for the other’s demise walked out of the water for some strange reason, to chase the lions off. I tried to capture the whole seen, two lions feasting, hippo and the river in the background, including the milkyway that stretched across the skyline. #singleframe