"We did Hannes' photographic workshop in the Kalahari in 2013 and 2014 as a group of friends.

Hannes' technical skill is superlative with cameras and picture taking. His knowledge of the game, animal behaviour and light opportunities really makes for superb photography. He is sociable and Noa adds a strong creative element to his team.

The arrangements and accommodation have all been superb and any technical problems relating to the accommodation and/or drives have been addressed efficiently by Hannes and Noa.

Our portfolios from the two trips have been superb and I can recommend a workshop with Hannes wholeheartedly.

What I really like about Hannes is that he sacrifices his opportunities in taking the picture to make sure that his clients get the picture.

Thank you Meneer!"

Basil Stathoulis

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Hannes Lochner is a great teacher and a master photographer.

I learnt a great deal of technical know how and pre-visualization skills from him on my photo safari, plus I was fortunate enough to experience some of my all time favourite wildlife moments, due to his perseverance and knowledge of the subject matter, including the natural elements.

Photography has limitations as a form of expression. Hannes, however, seems oblivious to these restrictions and is probably the freest person I know - his photography bears testament to that. This also comes through strongly when he is tutoring.

To top it all Hannes is a wonderful human being, with a wicked sense of humour.

I can highly recommend a photo safari with Hannes - he will take your photography to another level, if you are ready to be taught.

Tim Chadwick

"What a great special privilege to spend these past few days with Willem, Ben and pink Basil and both you and Noa. This trip will rank as one of my best if not the best and not one moment of this adventure did anyone feel "times up", in fact I could have done with another day.

We fed from both your passion and love of this area, Noa great insight and openness but most all you and Noa's honesty .

A special few days with special friends and sharing the most amazing Images. Thank you H and N.

I shall return and hoping to see you both soon."

Janvier 'Mike' O'Reilly

"What an experience - time in the bush with Hannes is the most remarkable and a very memorable experience.

From the time you leave camp you are swallowed up in his knowledge of the bush, the birds and what the animals are going to do and exactly how to get the perfect picture. His knowledge is worth every cent and bit of money paid out - for me the privilege of being able to spend time with him is priceless.

If you have the time and want to improve your photography time with Hannes is a must and an unforgettable experience not to be missed."

Clive Lucas

"In April, this year, my wife Erica and I had the pleasure of accompanying Hannes for 10 days in Etosha. Unfortunately for all of us, the dreaded cyclone had just passed through Botswana, and Etosha was more like Kruger Park in January after the rains. However, with Hannes`s great knowledge not only of photography, but also of Etosha, we had a very enjoyable experience.

As a relative beginner in photography, it was a unbelievable experience to discuss with him, how he composed certain photographic situations,and to discuss many facets of his profession. I very soon learnt, that he lives in another world. Nevertheless, we learnt a great amount, on composition, camera handling, and how important light contributes to success.

We also has some great laughs, with superb cooking, where he is also very talented. We certainly have him in our future safari planning."

Colin Fletcher

"From Hannes I learned to look and take photos of which I'm proud.

The difference that sets Hannes above the rest is attitude and commitment. He'll answer questions tirelessly, help out with endless camera issues, almost never take a photo himself because his students come first.

Hannes is the person you want to learn from, travel with and come home with fabulous wild life photos.

Jocelin Kagan

"I enjoyed our Kgalagadi photosafari so much, and even my husband was impressed with the improvement in my photos. The experience I gained gave me the courage to invest in upgrading my equipment and I'm happily snapping away.

Can't wait to join you guys in the Okavanago Delta sometime in the next year or two!"

Sandy Youngkrantz

"Our week with Hannes in The Kgalagadi was an absolute highlite!!!

I have learned so much about lighting, technique, use of correct apertures, night phorography, animal and bird behaviour and much more!

Hannes is a great host and an excellent instructor. I would love to spend more time with him!"

Dr Gerrit Wyma