Hello from the Kalahari

I am a professional wildlife photographer based in the Kalahari, Southern Africa at present. I love this place and it is my home. “There is no other place as mystical as the great red expanse of the Kalahari Desert. Nowhere else on earth is the blue of the sky in such contrast to its surroundings. It is on her majestic dunes, and on her flowing grasslands that the fauna and flora endure the extremes dealt to them by nature. This book is the result of my efforts to capture the enchantment and beauty of the Colours of the Kalahari.” Hannes Lochner

The Wildlife Photographer in Action

Capturing Moments from the Kalahari Continuously and Sharing them with the World.

One thought on “Hello from the Kalahari

  1. Hannes i have seen the IMAX Movie call Roar of Kalahari… and i can feel now that you are in one of the most thrilling and adventerous trip of yours. Keep it up.

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