Night Visitor

Hi all…I find that my days here in the Kalahari go by so quickly. I think it’s probably because I have so much fun and am concentrating so hard on my photography and finding animals that the time flies by. Lucky for me, they are unlimited and I know I am making you all jealous but you can come and visit sometime.

So today’s photo is of a little visitor I got last night…the gecko. They come out at night (mostly nocturnal) to find food (mainly insects) and this makes for really great night shots of them. I really enjoy photographing them as their colours often are in high contrast to their backgrounds (ground, sand, tree trunk etc). I have been lucky enough (right-place-right-time) to have been able photograph one of these during a rain shower when I was here taking photographs for my book: ‘Colours of the Kalahari’. It turned out to be one of my favourite shots as the water droplet landed right on its head. This picture can be viewed on my website ( but for last nights visitor, here he is… I hope you enjoy this one and check back tomorrow again for the next choice from me.

‘Ta Ta’ for now…

5 thoughts on “Night Visitor

  1. Of course jaleous. But thankful too that ‘being’ a few minutes every day in the kalahari!

  2. How often do we overlook the small things around us. Dis net altyd die big 5. What about the small wonders. Size does matter!

    The Kalahari calls and the barking geckoes beckon. Sheer joy!

  3. Hey bliksem cool blog! Looking forward to following the adventures of Hannes and Noa…grin. Cheers boitjie

  4. O ja wou nog se jy skryf so mooi, mens ontsnap elke dag so bietjie na die rooisand en beleef die kalahari saam met julle. Dankie!ek spaar vir my fotografie safari vlge jaar!

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