Kalahari Cats

Hi all…its all about the spots today although I have to say that this one is number 2 on my list of favourite spotted cats in this park. The cheetah comes second to my love of leopards that I am sure a lot of you feel the same about. They are still magnificent animals in their own right though and the photo I am sharing with you today is one I find interesting. It is not a typical ‘motion shot’ where the animal (or part of the animal) is in focus and the rest of the image is blurred as this one is pretty in focus still. This is unique because you can see that the cheetah is in fact running (as cheetahs are known to do) but not at its full pace of about 110km/h. I don’t think I would’ve been able to capture that.

In the background, the on-edge gemsbok can still be seen lingering,waiting for the relief that comes when the cheetah has passed. They wouldn’t have been too nervous though because cheetahs usually go for smaller antelope. In this photo you can also see the elegance and gracefulness that cheetahs have even when hunting. They are slender and sleek cats that look like they barely touch the ground when running (in this case not at all). You can also notice that this one is collared because of the cheetah research going on in this park. Research projects like this cheetah one are invaluable to the conservation of beautiful cats like these so support these initiatives where you can.

That’s all I have for you today so check back tomorrow…’ta ta’.

2 thoughts on “Kalahari Cats

  1. Hi Hannes! Back in Cape Town for ten days and already homesick for the Kalahari..

    A question, this collared cheetah .. I am wondering if he is one of three siblings that I saw close to the picnic spot near Urikaruus about 2 weeks ago? Not sure how many collared cheetah there are in the area. Great pic!

    Cheers and all best

  2. Hi Hannes

    I am a huge fan of your work.

    This is a great shot of the Cheetah because it isn’t the ‘run-of-the-mill’ type shot. Superb clarity.

    Wish I was there with you, I’m very jealous.


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