Ssssly Hunter

Hi all…this one is for ‘Henco Nienaber’ because he asked me to keep a look out for reptiles and look who I found slithering around trying to find something to eat. This Cape Cobra I spotted hanging out in a Social Weavers’ Nest waiting for the right time to strike. It was fairly easy for the snake to get up in there because these snakes are great climbers. It then managed to grab one poor, unsuspecting weaver which did not stand any chance of surviving that attack. The Cape Cobra injects a powerful neurotoxin into its prey which affects the respiratory system as this venom paralyzes it. This is not a snake to be messed with as it has a 60% mortality rate with humans if the bite is not treated properly with the appropriate anti-venom. It is aggressive if surprised and will rear with its hood spread and come for you.

So basically just another little reminder from me to all of you that when you are traipsing around wild places like the Kalahari, to be aware of where you are stepping etc. and to keep your wits about you. This is their home remember and we are just visiting.

Take a look at this ssssly one:

Enjoy it and take care, ‘ta ta’ til tomorrow.

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    • Hi Stu…as far as I know there is increasingly more evidence to support this idea of them being immune to the venom. They are also said to have some immunity to bee and scorpion stings. Take a look at this article for more info…

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