Black & White Friday

Hi all…today I am feeling creative and artistic so I want to share this black and white lion photo with you. These two brothers are regulars I see around here in the Kalahari and I love photographing them because they often have moments of emotion/affection with each other. This is cool to capture as it shows a different side to these powerful, aggressive and ‘born-to-kill’ animals. In this moment the one actually looks like he is giving a little grin/chuckle at a secret his brother might have been sharing with him.

Part of my philosophy about photography, which is emphasised even more by black & white images, is that a good photo should show emotion. I think this one shows a lot and the fact that it is black & white makes the emotion that much more pronounced. I have a passion for black & white pics (take a look at my website for more

So my message to all of you today is firstly, to take some time to show the ones you love that you care about them (like these 2) and secondly, when photographing, try to capture those moments that show some kind of emotion from your subject as people will identify better with your photos.

Have a great weekend and take care. ‘Ta ta’ for now.

8 thoughts on “Black & White Friday

  1. Great interaction shown in this capture Hannes ! Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date on your expedition in the Kalahari. Truly a special place we all love. Looking forward to your next post. Work hard and play hard…and bring lots of keepers home !

  2. Hi Hannes,

    Great to see and hear from you this way everday. We will be in the beautiful Kgalagadi from the 24th Dec to just after New Year. A short stay this time but no less looked forward to – in fact, I dream about it each day. Will make enquiries so that we might be able to come and say hello. These two brothers I think met up with us at Polentswa one year…I think it was 2006, We were alone and can only descibe our time there that night as “fright night” – my sister was in a small “mini me” tent and Pierre and I in a trailer tent at least off the ground. Only the one brother paid us a visit – I hate to think what it would have been like if both were there… was a night I will never forget. The sound of his roar was spine chilling, reverberated right through us and all I thought about was my sister who was “oop and bloot” in her little floppy tent. I remember praying very ernestly that night LOL! What would I have siad to my mother ? We found both brothers at the waterhole the next morning. Pierre has the most wonderful pic of them greeting each other – absolutely beautiful specimens that terrified us out of our minds. But guess what ? We were back there a year later LOL! Never saw them again except 3 magnificent Hyaena who wondered into our camp because of our braai meat on the table. When we go there now, we become strictly vegetarian 🙂 Happy travels Hannes and get lots of images for the next book. We are still loving ours. Anyone reading this note – if you have not yet bought one of Hannes’s beautiful coffee table books, you should do so this year. What a gorgeous gift it would make for Christmas!!!!

  3. Oh and I meant to say too – Congrats on a well set up blog that interacts with email – just dandy ! 🙂 So easy to keep tabs on you now – so you have to be on your best behaviour all the time LOL!

  4. Hannes,

    You are an Incredible onsite of notorious note ! !

    today’s post – and in the tone of a lion’s roar – “Sigh”

    ” I really wish I was there”

    refer page 167 in Colours of the Kalahari – two Boys with similar emotion and affection. Breathtaking.

    Love your artistic flair, dedication and passion to what you love doing 24-7

    please keep us all posted for a long time


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