Gate Keeper

Hi all…I hope the weekends went well and you had some fun times outdoors. I know I did. Noa and I are having lots of fun driving around in my new vehicle, checking on where the animals are and what they are up to.

Driving along to visit my previous base for my ‘Colours of the Kalahari’ Project – Rooiputs – I came across this big guy guarding the entrance. When I was living at Rooiputs I would often gets lions through the camp at night. He is obviously one of the ‘Rooiputs Residents’ that I was sharing living space with for a while. I am now based at Twee Rivieren though so come on up and visit me. I would love to be in a more remote area but then I wouldn’t be able to do things like this (blog posts etc.) as I need the connectivity from here. I still spend as much time as I physically can in the park as this is my life and where I love to be.

Also, just a note from me…we are running end-of-year promotions with my books, like the one I mentioned (Colours of the Kalahari) and Colours of Southern Africa, where you could win a photo safari with me up here in the Kalahari so go to my website (click link top right of this page) and see what the details are. They make great Christmas presents too!

That’s all from me today…til tomorrow…cheers.

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