Some fun…

Hi all…sorry for my lack of post yesterday. I was in the field the whole day. That is the reality of my job here in the kalahari so I hope you all understand. My connectivity is bad today so here is just a short one to show you that not everyone was happy to see me back here…this is just a funny from me to brighten your day.

Have a good one, cheers till tomorrow. Rooikop. nikon D3s, 600mm f4

One thought on “Some fun…

  1. Your work is unbelievable. Just love your new book. We will be in Kgalagadi and Mabua soon, do you need anything from Cape Town. Jacques Slabbert said me might bump into you. Will be at Twee Rivieren Dec 23, Nossop 24, 25 then Mabua 26 – 30 Dec. Back in Nossop 31 – 2nd Jan.
    Keep up the good work

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