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Hi all…another scorcher of a day here in the Kalahari, about 40 degrees in the shade so bring your swimming costumes if any of you are coming up here anytime soon. Today I thought I would give you all a glimpse into my world and how I do my job with Noa here beside me. The first photo is of us practicing our thunder-storm and lightning capturing skills. She is using the video camera and me with my usual cameras. This is one of the great things about this place where we get really frequent thunder storms that make for great photographs and footage. Take a look at the dramatic sky we get to capture as well that gives us the most amazing backdrops. nikon D3, 24-85mm f2.8-f4

The next I am showing you is of the inside of my mobile office. My photography vehicle enables me to do SO much more than my previous bakkie. Don’t get me wrong, it served me well, but with this new vehicle I have the advantage of an almost 320 degree view of the bush whilst staying in my car. I have to obey the rules just like all of you! This is where all the hard work gets done and where I spend the majority of my time so take a look…

nikon D3 Nikon 12-24mm f4

That’s all from me today. At least you now have an idea of where I am most of the time and what I work with. Cheers til tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Step into my office…

  1. Nice post Hannes.

    Would love to meet up and shoot together some time in future!

    Keep the images coming!

    Bets regards,
    Gerry (Photo-Africa)

  2. Hi Hannes,

    Your new set up looks like it can handle the job well…enough space in your new cabin to move around easily. I think enough space inside your vehicle is essential for your kind of work. I can see why you are pleased 🙂 Good luck and enjoy ~ PS..AND having Noa with you must make this trip extra special…good luck and happy camping ! Regards from the Erasmus clan.

  3. Great pics, great ‘Office’.
    I love reading your Blog’s, they are very inspiring. I would love to join you sometime, what an experience that would be. When I get up there, I will definitely contact you and meet up.
    Keep up the great work.


  4. Sies jy’s lelik met ons 🙁

    Your office does have the best view of all offices, no contest.

  5. Hannes, it looks like Noa is doing all the work? Just kidding, I am glad that you have some company and someone who shares your appreciation for the Kalahari.

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