Twilight Leopard

Hi all…so as you know it gets really hot up here. Noa and I like to drive around early in the mornings before the sun gets fierce and then in the late afternoons again until late when it is cooling down again. This leopard we stumbled upon on one of our evening drives which was great for us because leopard are really difficult to see in this park. They are very good at sneaking around and staying just out of sight. What made this find great was the colours that were around because of it being twilight. I was able to capture really unique and interesting colours in the background and around the leopard. The greens are emerald, the sky is pink and purple and even the ‘token-burnt-orange’ ground of the Kalahari is a dull grey/brown. All of these colours contribute to the leopard standing out in the photo. Yet another great background the Kalahari has given me for one of my favourite animals that I love to shoot with my camera!

Enjoy folks and let me know what you think…

If you are traveling these holidays, take care on the roads. Cheers.

2 thoughts on “Twilight Leopard

  1. Oom Hannes jou foto’s is baie mooi, wens ek was daar om al die diere te sien. Ek mis oom Hannes baie. Weet oom Hannes dat dit kreefseisoen is, wanneer kom duik oom Hannes vir my kreef uit.
    Baie liefde

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