My Boy!

Hi all…so life goes on here in the Kalahari for us. We are just trying to get back and settled again as I am sure most of you are too, going back to work and school etc. Things seem a lot easier when you get in your routine again, especially when it is waking up at 4:30/5am to make coffee and hit the tracks. I am so used to this by now that I am pretty much on autopilot for most of the morning. The photo I am sharing with you today is just a little tribute to the big male lions I have become very attached to here in the park. They are really beautiful and are always perfect subjects for me to photograph whether it is this big guy on the crest of a hill or others on the dunes etc. They never disappoint me! I admire and respect their power and abilities to take down large prey but also love to watch them laze about in the heat of the day. It seems like they have a pretty good life if you ask me. So take a look at this one and take a minute to admire him because he is worth it.

Enjoy. Cheers til tomorrow.

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