Behind the Scenes

Hi all…I think today I am going to mix it up again and give you guys all a little glimpse into our lives here in the Kalahari.  I don’t know if you all know but Noa is up here with me, as my girlfriend, and probably more importantly to her (lol) to take footage of the park and everything that happens here. so I am being nice again today and giving you two photos to have a look at. The first one is of Noa working her film camera and the second is of me doing my think with my normal photographic camera. We were busy following this big male lion the one morning and this is when my colleagues that were up here at the time took these photos of us. In that case, to be truthful, these photographs are not actually mine but of me as the subject for a change. They also show you a bit more of how my vehicle works beautifully to accommodate us – the way we have to move around, the lack of obstruction by glass windows etc. Feel free to come have a look if you see us in the park when you come and visit.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Noa: Me:

Cheers til tomorrow.

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