Sand Blasted

Hi all…busy busy up here today so this one is going to be a little shorter from me. As you know, connectivity is also temperamental so forgive me. You are however getting two photographs today. Today’s post is just a little bit more about me and my life up here in the Kalahari and all of the things it throws at me. Sandstorms are very common here when the thunderstorms roll in. The intense wind is followed closely by all the sand it picks up which then hits you like a wave within a matter of seconds. It is pretty incredible to experience and is then gone again in the next few minutes. Obviously this is not great for camera equipment so I cover mine as quickly as possible but this sand here gets in everywhere anyway. Take a look at me in action through a typical Kalahari sandstorm…

Cheers til tomorrow.

One thought on “Sand Blasted

  1. Dramatic pics guys. Love the Lawrence of Arabia feel. Nice to see some behind the scenes stuff. I am out for 2 weeks in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in November. You guys about then.. I will bring beer. Wayne

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