“Springbok Rays”

Hi all…it is Friday again and I am sure most of you are really happy about that. I unfortunately do not have another Black & White photograph to share with you today but I am still sticking with the whole ‘artsy’ theme of my Friday posts with this photo I am sharing with you today. I like this photo of the Springbok under the tree surrounded by rays of the yellow-orange sun breaking through the branches because it is so simple and so striking at the same time. The rays of sun cast an almost magical glow around the springbok. I also like it because it is such a common subject around here that we often overlook them but in this photo, is turned into something special. Thanks again to the dust in the Kalahari for making the rays of sun so noticeable in this scene.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have a fun weekend and get outdoors if you can. Cheers til Monday.

P.S spare a thought for all of those people on the Planet effected by flooding!!

6 thoughts on ““Springbok Rays”

  1. I fell in love with this photo the moment I saw it, and I cannot stop looking! Im going to have “sun-rayed springbok eyes’ by this afternoon 😀

  2. Sublimely beautiful Hannes ~ you transported me back there in a flash with this image. I am so sorry we did not get to see you. My sister was in Twee Rivieren and saw your vehicle. We did not linger there either because we had to get to Nossob all in one day from Upington. We thought we might see you when we left for home but had bad luck when our Landy broke down on the dune road between Mata Mata and Nossob. With many problems after that we only left Nossob a few days later than planned and again had no time to linger at Twee R. It will be some time before we get back to this beloved spot but we carry the memories with us which you underscore every now and then with your wonderful captures. Kepp them coming 🙂

  3. Love this ,you absolutely captured the serenity and calmness in the day and that peace that comes after a storm . LOVELY

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