The Big Stink!

Hi all…so you are probably thinking that I have finally gone mad up here in the Kalahari with the title of this post but I haven’t…yet, so don’t worry. ‘The big stink’ I am talking about is the plague of stinkbugs that we have to deal with here at the moment! It is absolutely crazy. There are millions of them!!! They come out every night and fly towards anything bright, even the fire we sit around. They are making night photography hell. They get caught in your hair and fly into your ears, nose and mouth. Above all of this they STINK! So hopefully the birds, bats and rodents will take care of these bugs as fast as possible because it is really unpleasant and frustrating having to deal with them. The joys of living in a tent in the bush ;).

Take a look at this…

So spare a thought for me here in ‘the big stink’. Cheers til tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Big Stink!

  1. Goeie krisis, dit klink nou erg onaangenaam! Ek hoop hulle is weg voor ons in Mei soontoe gaan!!

  2. Oh my, I’m not one who is usually freaked out by goggas but I think, in such large numbers, they would bother me a bit.

    I hope they soon move on and let you get on with your wonderful work.

  3. Jinne Zorkie, ek gaan elke dag jou stukkie lees! Ja nee ek kan onthou as kind in Namibie het die stinkgoggatjies ons kwaai vermaak verskaf as dit lekker gereen het. Groete ou maat van almal innie Kaap. Douw

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