Stormy Skies

Hi all…its Friday again! The happiest day of the week for most but even more exciting today because it is a long weekend in South Africa with Monday being a public holiday for Human Rights Day. So to help you get through the day I have another one of my special Black & White collection to share with you. This will helpfully distract you for a little bit making the weekend come even faster. This photograph is some of the inspiration for my next project that will be starting in about 3 months where I will be focusing on leopards in the South of the park. The subject in this picture is one of the female leopards however she is on the ‘Botswana side’ and does not like vehicles which makes her difficult to find.  She is beautiful though and whenever I am lucky enough to see her I stay with her for as long as possible.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Enjoy the long weekend everyone and get yourselves outdoors! Cheers til Monday!

2 thoughts on “Stormy Skies

  1. Hannes

    I LOVE this photo – it’s moody and full of atmosphere.

    How about some more bird photos?

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