Spread your wings

Hi all…busy busy day setting up for the Getaway Show this weekend so you all better be coming to visit me! This is just a quick post to keep to my commitment of bird week. Today’s subject is a Black-shouldered Kite. This magnificent bird I managed to capture with its wings spread wide open which is in complete contrast to the strikingly blue background of the sky. It is a small and graceful, predominantly pale grey and white, raptor which can be distinguished by its black shoulders and red eyes. It loves to prey on rodents and spots them from hovering in mid-air above the open areas.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Spread your wings

  1. I accidentally came across your Twitter pages while searching for a family member. I’m enjoying your nature pics…..I too am a novice photographer and love to take nature pics. Guess it is in the Lochner name, think?
    Where are you originally from?
    Keep up the great work !!
    Jerry Lochner
    Illinois, USA

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